New life

A year ago I sold Tipic Inc., the company that created the largest blogging and community platform in Italy. Now Splinder is handed over and has doubled in users since the sale.

I am now free to go after my interests which are, broadly speaking, Bio Inspired Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience. I would like to meet researchers who are actively working in these fields.

Splinder was born when I met a researcher at a research center in Italy. Francesco was working on ideas similar to mine. I believe that in Europe we have a lot of research from which companies can be developed, so if you are working on Bio Inspired AI, or know of someone who is, feel free to contact me.

marco palombi

marco palombi

I am intrigued by stuff that does not have a codified description, yet. As a corollary, my field is not definable, otherwise I would not be interested.

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