Marco Palombi

Marco Palombi

Entrepreneur. I created the largest social media site in Italy.

Currently, I am working on developing a new type of active, autonomous, and decentralized medium for the Internet. In pursuit of this goal, I am developing a theoretical framework called Geneosophy to formalize the comprehension of concepts such as life, intelligence, and reasoning.

In general, I am intrigued by subjects that do not yet have a codified description. As a corollary, my field is not easily definable, as I am only interested in areas that lack a clear definition.

I speak Italian, English, French and Portuguese.
I read sci-fi, science, philosophy and economics.
I live in London/Digital Nomad.

Contact me: marco.palombi at this domain.

A short bio:

  • Studied computer science at Harvard University for a semester and received an engineering degree, cum laude, from the University of Naples in Italy.
  • Worked for Procter&Gamble in France, McKinsey in Italy and The Fiat Group in Brazil/Argentina.
  • Let'sTV, my first company, was not a big success, but I learnt a lot from that experience. Let'sTV was acquired by a medium sized company.
  • Tipic Inc., the second company I created, was acquired by the Rizzoli Corriere della Sera Group, one of the largest media companies in Italy. Splinder, the blogging platform that Tipic had developed, was the largest community site in Italy at the time. Tipic was born out of the ideas that I described in this post: The Lonely Net.
  • I was Member of the Board of the Jabber Software Foundation.
  • Along with other Italian entrepreneurs, I created 1generation, a not for profit network with the objective of fostering entrepreneurship in Italy. The network was highly successful at spawning several other projects in the entrepreneurship space. 1generation has since fulfilled its mission.

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